2019 is finally here, and with a New Year comes a new set of resolutions to strive towards over the next 12 months. Here at Silver Jeans Co., we’re all about setting goals for ourselves, whether it be personal or professional, and helping each other achieve those goals any way we can. Because there’s no better way to reach success than with your supportive squad backing you up. Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite resolutions from our very own Team Silver!


Michele, VP of Marketing:

“On my list this year is to add one more pilates class a week and try to put my toes in the sand a few times a week at lunch.”


Kim, Content Marketing Manager:

“This year, I really want to try to put my phone down and be more in the moment, experiencing things through my own eyes rather than my screen! “


Eddie, Graphic Designer:

“My resolutions are to take more time for myself, making sure to not overwork myself which can be hard to do. I also want to start reading more and try to step out of my comfort zone in both my work and personal life.”


Mia, Creative Director:

“I have quite a few—trying not to sweat the small stuff, to laugh more, to love more and remember to be more grateful for the wonderful things happening in my life and be kinder to myself. Also really trying to focus on progress, not results.”


Nikki, Social Media Manager:

“I’m resolving to cook one new recipe a month!”


What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2019? Tell us below in the comments!

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