Trust us—we know that when it comes to jean shopping, we all have our fair share of issues: too tight, too loose, gapping, muffin top… the list goes on and on. But there’s one fit problem that is way-too-often overlooked: length.

If you’re a girl who was blessed with supermodel-long limbs, we’re sure you can relate. Most standard denim inseams measure about 32” to 33”, which are designed to only fit those of an average height, around 5’7”. Well, all you 5’8” and over ladies, you’re in luck.

Silver Jeans Co. Long Inseams

Our newest denim collection offers tall inseams in three of your favorite styles: the Bleecker Jegging in a 35” inseam for those with a straighter figure, plus the Suki Straight in a 36” and the Suki Slim Boot in a 35” and 37” inseam for those with a curvier shape. Because not all tall girls have Karlie Kloss-like bodies (though, a girl can dream).

Even though this might seem like a new problem, this isn’t new for us. Our fits have always come in long inseams (when we say we design denim for every body, we’re not joking). And it’s not just about a longer length—it’s more about proportions. Translation: a jean that fits your waist, hip, thigh and legs. Yes, denim dreams to come true.

Silver Jeans Co. Long Inseams

So, to all the tall girls out there, no more trying to make your perpetual cropped look seem intentional. No more searching high and low for a jean that actually fits those runway-worthy stems. We’ve got you covered (literally).

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