Meet Silver Stylist Vjera Watts!

Vjera Watts has a cool, global style. She’s Serbian-born, so that’s no surprise. When she was a teenager (who’d just moved to America), she started to really play with her style. She loved it so much that she  created her own private label–all before the age of 20!

Silver jeans Co. Stylist

Her clothing line attracted the right attention. The hottest celebrity stylists in the country wanted to work with her, and she went to work styling clients like Justin Timberlake, Penelope Cruz and Madonna. (You know, nobody you’ve heard of…)

Silver jeans Co. Stylist

After assisting for a few years, Vjera became a freelance stylist. Soon her work was on magazine covers and featured in the pages of top fashion and lifestyle magazines. She’s worked with some of the biggest fashion brands in the country–like us, of course!

Silver Jeans Co.

We love working with Vjera and can’t wait for our next shoot! ​

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