Finding the perfect jean is not an easy feat. Every pair fits differently depending on your size and body type. So we called in the experts, some of our favorite plus-size fashion bloggers, to put our fits to the test. Each blogger was challenged to try our three top-selling fits: the Suki Curvy, Elyse Eased Curvy and Sam Boyfriend jean, and pick their favorite. The winners? Elyse and Sam!


We designed Elyse to solve one of the most common fit problems out there: muffin top. The eased waistband offers extra room in the waist and still doesn’t gap. Finished with the curvy silhouette of a Suki, it’s perfect for body types that have a fuller waist, hips and backside. I mean, no wonder it was a clear winner. See what the bloggers had to say about Elyse and shop the newest styles here!


“It had just the right amount of stretch and structure for me.”


“The Elyse was my favorite because it hugs my curves in all the right places.”


“I love that these were made with my tummy in mind! The design of the jean themselves are very stylish and I love that as skinny jeans they actually hug my curves.”


“My favorite pair is the Elyse because they are the perfect length for my petite frame, high stretch and comfy!”


The perfect boyfriend… too good to be true? In this case, definitely not. Sam’s slouchy boyfriend fit and relaxed hip and thigh delivers comfort AND style, and our bloggers loved it! Cropped floral tops, bodysuits, white button-downs—the styling options are endless! Shop our latest Sams here!


“The Sam ended up being the perfect fit for my body type!”


“I’m rocking the Sam boyfriend fit, because you know I’m #TeamComfortable”


“I can’t even tell you how much I love the Sam boyfriend jeans!”

Which plus-size fit is your favorite? Comment below or show us on Instagram with #SilverJeans!

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