Retail Insider Talks: How Silver Jeans Co. Has Supported Our Canadian Small Business Partners

Throughout the last year, we’ve all noticed how the pandemic has taken a toll on businesses, small businesses especially. As a family-owned business ourselves, we at Silver Jeans Co. knew that these retailers needed extra support, and wanted to figure out what we could do as a company to help our small boutique partners across the country.

“Everything has changed dramatically, and the consequences of this change have hurt a lot of retailers along the way. What hasn’t seemed to suffer, however, is the resiliency and creativity of the small business community in Canada.”

– Mark Whyte, Executive Vice President of International Sales

So our very own Executive Vice President of International Sales, Mark Whyte, sat down with one our favorite industry publications, Retail Insider, to talk about Silver Jeans Co.’s product line created exclusively for our boutique partners.

“This is a product line that’s been designed and produced specifically for our small boutique partners,” he asserts. “It’s not featured or available anywhere else. It’s a product that’s strictly and exclusively between Silver Jeans Co., the boutiques that we work with and their clientele.”

Mark Whyte, Executive Vice President of International Sales

Whyte explains that this collection is not for big business. This line, internally dubbed “For Us”, pays homage to the history and heritage of Silver Jeans Co., which started out as a small business and still remains a family-owned business to this day.

“We’ve evolved and have grown. But we’ve never lost track of where the company’s come from. And we saw this as an incredible opportunity for us to return to our roots and to create something specific for the specialty boutique channel.”

Mark Whyte, Executive Vice President of International Sales

As a brand, we understand that retail as a whole has struggled throughout the pandemic, with restrictions and lockdowns in place to reduced capacities in stores. But while larger corporate chains have more of a financial backing to lean on, smaller businesses generally do not. They need something that sets them apart and offering them a unique selling proposition to their customers. That was, and will continue to be the goal for this collection.

“We understood the situation that we’re all currently working through as a time for retailers to pull together and to support one another. And we hope that our collaboration with our partner boutiques is helping to do that in some small way.”

Mark Whyte, Executive Vice President of International Sales

We’re proud of our efforts to support small businesses this past year and plan to continue this initiative to ensure our local Canadian partners can continue to thrive during these uncertain times. Click here to read the full article on Retail Insider.

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