Meet Paulina Nasira

A student at Lashaine Primary School in the Monduli Hills of northern Tanzania, Paulina Nasira is an 11-year-old who aspires to become a member of parliament one day.

A fairly typical pre-teen, Paulina likes to play netball and study both geography and English. The first-born in her family, Paulina is determined to get a secondary education. Yet both of her parents work on their small farm to support the entire family, leaving no funds available for education.

To help Paulina reach her educational goals, Silver Jeans Co.™ has partnered with the Orkeeswa School Scholarship Program. Through this partnership Paulina will receive valuable resources to help and support her inside and outside the classroom. The Orkeeswa model is designed to educate the whole student and offer them opportunities to become leaders and voices of change in their community.

A member of the Maasai tribe, Paulina sees the challenges her family and her community face on a daily basis and is already thinking like a leader. “There is a problem of no water in my village and at home,” she says. “It causes problems with our houses, since we use water for the mud to fix them. I would like to change our houses, to make them stronger and better for our families in our community.”

We’ll receive letters and photos from Paulina throughout the year, which we’ll share with you here. On Dec. 18th, Join us to fund Paulina’s education. We’ll donate $10 for every jeans sold. You can find out more about the Orkeeswa School Scholarship Program and IEFT by clicking here. Thank you for helping us help Paulina!

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