Meet Allegra! Wild Soul + Graphic Designer

Our Girl Gang is almost complete!

Meet Allegra Rose of Allegra Rose! She’s drawn to whimsy, to beauty and to the golden sunlight that only comes in the afternoon. When she’s not being an art student in St. Paul, Minnesota, she’s as creative and adventurous as they come. She’s inspired by a life lived freely and fearlessly. My kind of girl for sure.

Allegra loves to get out in nature and explore, and when she does it’s usually in her favorite jeans. But just like nature—which is perfectly imperfect—Allegra has a fit problem that I think we can all relate to!

Silver Jeans Co. x Allegra Rose

Fit Problem: Growing up, I honestly never liked wearing jeans. I found them to be uncomfortable, restrictive—and they never really fit me the way I wanted!

Solution: I’m so happy to find my perfect fit, the Suki. I absolutely love the soft material used for Suki styles, plus the countoured waistband (because it accentuates the curve between my hips and waist). And now these distressed beauties have definitely become a Fall wardrobe staple for me!!

Silver Jeans Co. x Allegra Rose


Silver Jeans Co. x Allegra Rose

Silver Jeans Co. x Allegra Rose

Can’t wait to try Allegra’s style? Find her Suki’s here and follow along with her adventures on her insta

Allegra finally found jeans that felt as good as they looked! How much do you love her new denim!?


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