We’re Making Masks & Including One With Every Purchase

With Stay-at-Home orders extending and quarantine becoming the new normal, we at Silver Jeans Co. have been thinking of ways we can continue to be here for our community. That’s why we’ve decided to utilize our manufacturing facilities for good and produce masks for our customers, providing one for you with every online purchase. Western Glove Works, which was founded by the first generation Silver family in 1921, produced clothing and workwear for those on the frontlines of two world wars. So it’s only fitting that Silver Jeans Co. continue the legacy with masks to help combat the spread of the current COVID-19 crisis.

With many cities requiring masks when out in public, finding comfortable, well-made masks has most definitely become a challenge. But we have you covered. Our masks follow the same high-quality standards as our denim, with a multi-layer design that protects those around you and enhanced features, like the option to insert a medical-grade filter, to keep you healthy too. Read along for instructions on how to care and wear our masks.



Machine wash and dry mask on gentle cycle


Wash hands before handling and putting on mask


Pinch the metal edge of the mask gently to bend the nose covering


Secure mask to face with the side loops for a snug fit. Once mask is secure avoid touching the mask until removal


Once finished wearing, wash hands before removing mask


If you have a medical-grade filter, insert in between the two cloth pieces of the mask

The safety of our community is our top priority, and we hope that these masks can provide our Family of Friends with even just the littlest bit of comfort right now.

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