Live Like a Local: Windward Juice, Venice

If you want to live like a local, you’ve gotta be in-the-know about where to go. And this lil tucked away spot—Windward Juice—is a local all-star. Our fabulous friend Luci Petlack of Luci’s Morsels, took us to a favorite spot to explore this adorable juice dispensary hidden in an alley.

Silver Jeans Co. x Luci

This is definitely one of those “you’d never find it unless you knew to look for it” spots. An actual hidden gem. Like, for real!

On tap, so to speak? Cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. They carry Clover drinks, which are all about healthy options for on-the-go.

Silver Jeans Co. x Luci

I think Windward is the perfect stop on the way to the beach! So you’ve got something cold, yummy and actually good for you. How great is that? Oh, and total bonus: they’re dog friendly!

Silver Jeans Co. x Luci

Is this your kind of spot? Have you been? Tell us all about it.

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