Live Like a Local: The Butcher’s Daughter, Venice

If you want to live like a local, you can start by eating like one. And since this is California after all, The Butcher’s Daughter—equal parts veggie café and plant-puréed juice bar—is the place to be. We were joined once again by our fashionista friend Luci Petlack of Luci’s Morsels to check out the New York transplant on Abbot Kinney. It’s Luci’s favorite spot for locals, and you’re about to see why…

Luci Petlack x Silver Jeans Co.

Their first line of defense? Coffee. And lots of it—with the most adorable little walk-up window you’ve ever seen. The appeal of a caffeine drive-by is not to be underestimated, in my city or yours.

Inside, it’s even cuter. Very diner meets greenhouse. Everywhere you look, there’s a yummy new temptation to indulge in. These guys approach their greens like a butcher serves up meat: in their words, chopped, filleted and carved fresh.

Silver Jeans Co. x Luci

If Willy Wonka dreamed up a near-vegan café, this might be it. Whimsical plants dangle from the ceiling. Want a lemon? There’s a tiny tree! And the food? Like candy.

Silver Jeans Co. x Luci

Avocado toast game? Strong. Juice skills? On point. And just tell me those southern-style grits aren’t calling your name. (PS They’re made of cauliflower… what!?!)

Silver Jeans Co. x Luci

This is the kind of place where you come for the food, but stay for hours. Because: ambience. And it’s a great spot to visit—even if you live here. A little dose of California cool for everyone? Yes, please!

Silver Jeans Co. x Luci

Silver Jeans Co. x Luci

Come on in and stay awhile. There’s plenty of room on the front porch.

Been to The Butcher’s Daughter, either in Venice or NYC? Got a spot near you that’s just as cute? We want to hear about it!

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