KEEP IT COUNTRY: 3 Ways to Wear a Classic Denim Jacket This Fall

There are only a few things I can’t live without—and the denim jacket is definitely one of them. This piece is crazy versatile, going from straight country to after-hours perfection effortlessly. Here are a couple of my favorite ways to rock this outerwear all-star.

1. Layer like a pro.

For the guys, pile on tees, plaids and hoodies—but it’s the denim jacket that brings it all together. It adds structure to what can otherwise be a messier look. And for the ladies, the denim jacket can provide a cool indigo contrast to Fall knits and shirts. It’s like adding a little bonus texture.

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2. Canadian Tuxedo like a boss.

Yes, I know it’s not a verb but I’m making it one. The Canadian Tuxedo is making quite the comeback, so get on board. A classic denim jacket is the easiest way to rock the trend—the key is to vary your denim on the top and bottom enough so you’re not all matchy-matchy. Or if you’re gonna go that route, deep indigo works best. To brush up on the CanTux approach, re-read my original blog about it here.

Silver Jeans Co.

3. Dress up like a badass.

For after-hours ensems, think about using the denim jacket as a statement piece—aka the only blue denim you’re wearing. Pair it with black or grey denim, or non-denim, for a rock-inspired look that puts all the focus on that killer jacket. And don’t forget your favorite boots—those are non-negotiable.

If you do it right, you live in your denim jacket all fall (and get away with it, too). Click over here ladies and guys to get started!

So how do you wear yours? Bonus points if I haven’t tried it yet.

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