How many of you have a closet full of clothes, only to find yourself wearing the same pieces over and over again? Don’t worry, we’re guilty of it too. This is exactly what spawned the idea of us creating a capsule wardrobe for fall—a collection of about 10-20 really versatile pieces that we absolutely LOVE. Living minimally is a huge trend right now, so why not start with your wardrobe?

Start by cleaning out your closet. Get rid of the pieces that you might have bought on impulse just straight-up don’t wear anymore—last season’s trends, uncomfortable shoes, things that don’t fit, etc. Then evaluate what’s left. What do you love about these pieces? That’s the direction you should head when looking for your new wardrobe.

Of course, the foundation of a good capsule wardrobe is denim. We might be a little biased, but to us, there’s no other piece out there as versatile. When picking out your new capsule pairs (and everything else, for that matter), we like to stick to the rule of threes: one basic pair, one statement pair and one in-between pair.

For your basic pair, go with our black Suki Super Skinny. A black skinny jean can literally be worn anytime, anywhere. Dress it up for work, wear it casually with a tee—the options are endless.

Capsule Wardrobe

For your statement pair, go with a more trendy style like the East End Mom Jean. Though the fit might be of-the-moment, the wash is classic, ensuring you’ll be able to wear it even after this season.

Capsule Wardrobe

As for the in-between pair, our Elyse Slim Bootcut will do the trick. With a naturally worn-in dark wash and slight kick at the hem, it’ll be your go-to for just about everything.

Beyond jeans, there’s a few other must-haves that belong in your fall capsule wardrobe, including a basic white tee, army green utility jacket and leather ankle booties.

Capsule Wardrobe

These essentials, plus your closet’s most beloved pieces, will have you covered. Not only will you be thoughtfully dressed, you’ll save time and money you would have otherwise spent figuring out what to wear.

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