These days, ‘business casual’ is pretty much the standard in most office environments. Translation: you’re allowed to wear jeans to work. But not just any denim will do. There are certain style rules you need to follow in order to make sure your beloved blues are truly office appropriate. Below, we’re rounding out the best ways to wear jeans for every type of job, courtesy of our favorite style bloggers around the web.

CREATIVE // Graphic Designer

Being in a creative field, the dress code is typically pretty laid back. However, that doesn’t mean you want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Go with classic-fit dark jeans (they always make you look more dressed up), a polo and bomber jacket if the office temps tend to be on the colder side.

Mens Business Casual Looks


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As an entrepreneur, you probably don’t work in a typical office setting and your routine can vary from day to day. One thing is for sure though: you’re constantly interacting with different clients and businesses, so your look should walk the line between professional and approachable. Medium-to-light wash jeans with a classic fit, paired with a crisp white button-down and blazer creates the perfect style juxtaposition.

Men's Business Casual

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MANAGEMENT // Marketing Manager

If you’re in a position of authority or managing a team, you want to set a good example, and that all starts with your appearance. A printed button-down and tweed blazer gives you a modern, polished look while a slim-fit jean in a medium-to-dark indigo adds an easygoing touch.

Mens Business Casual

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