Giving Tuesday: Our Continued Partnership with the IEFTZ

Today is Giving Tuesday, which is a special day for us here at Silver Jeans Co. Each year, we use this day to spread awareness about an organization that’s near and dear to our hearts: the Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania. The IEFTZ runs the Orkeeswa School, a community-based, community-led education initiative located in a predominately Maasai village of Africa. With less than a quarter of the population having access to secondary school, the Orkeeswa School provides children with the only opportunity to learn beyond the primary level of education. Students of the Oreekswa School live and learn within their village, allowing them to take their education home with them every day and make an immediate impact.

For the third year in a row, we’re happy to donate towards a scholarship for Orkeeswa School student, Grace. Grace is one of many young women there who has escaped an arranged marriage to pursue her secondary school education, which is why we’re so excited to see her thriving in both her studies and extracurricular activities.

If you read our previous Giving Tuesday post, you know that Grace has dreams of becoming a nurse in her Tanzanian village. Nearing completion of her 7th grade year, Grace continues to work towards that goal, excelling in her classes and developing as both a scholar and leader. She’s also active in the school drama club, basketball and volleyball teams.

Grace is incredibly focused and committed to her studies and extracurricular activities. She knows that a secondary school education (and beyond) will change her future, and that of her family and community.

We are proud to continue to support Grace through her educational journey at the Orkeeswa School and wish her continued success! To learn more about the IEFTZ, their initiatives and ways you can get involved, visit And make sure to check back here throughout the year for more updates on Grace!

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