Giving Back: See How Grace is Thriving at Orkeeswa School

If you read our post back on Giving Tuesday, you probably remember meeting Grace. Grace is a student we help to support through the Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania, a non-profit that provides education to children at Orkeeswa School in Tanzania. We fit giving back into our everyday culture here at Silver Jeans Co., which is why we’re so excited to help Grace along in her journey and share what she’s up to these days at school!

Grace, along with the rest of the Orkeeswa School‘s 6th grade students, have been really busy the past few months excelling both in and outside the classroom. One of their main focuses has been improving their language skills and confidence through the English Immersion program! The program teaches students vocabulary building, reading comprehension, creative capacity building, spelling, and writing. This will not only help them outside of school, but will fully prepare them to succeed in their core academic subjects when they reach 7th grade.

Grace, especially, has seen amazing growth and development since starting the program last fall, as her English teacher shared.

“Grace is an enthusiastic student with a fun personality. She raises her hand eagerly to answer every question, and is always joking with friends and making everyone laugh. She recently joined the Comedy Club at school, and even performed a small skit in front of the whole school last week!” – Samantha, Grace’s English Teacher

When she is not excelling in school or cracking jokes, you can find Grace playing sports and participating in a variety of clubs that Orkeeswa School offers its students. Even though education is important, having fun is too, as these students grow as scholars and leaders at school and in their communities.

We are so excited to see Grace thrive at Orkeeswa School and support the IEFTZ in their mission of education. Because what good is creating a great pair of jeans if we’re not giving back in the process? Learn more about our philanthropic endeavors on our Giving Page.

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