DENIM DOUBLE DOWN: Doing the Canadian Tuxedo Really, Really Right

The Canadian Tuxedo has really gotten a bad rap, thanks to years of sartorial abuse. But I have hope. I’ve seen it done so well that it actually made me a little jeal. The key is to mix it up, treating all the shades of denim like a magical indigo rainbow (and keep in mind, some of those won’t even be blue—I’m looking at you, jet black jeans). So listen up, guys and girls. Here’s how you make strangers on the street wonder how you pulled off the daring denim double down:


The go-to for guys is slimmer jeans in a darker wash with a lighter denim jacket or shirt. If you’re going to go full blue-on-blue, make sure the blues are different. (Or if you’re really craving that same-blue look, then stick to pure unwashed indigo for top and bottom.) You can break up your look by adding a bold tee, colorful shoes or cool shades.

If you don’t trust your ability to select the perfect blues (we get it: scary), then opt for a black, grey or sand-colored jean paired with an indigo denim jacket. Heck, you can just keep your denim-ing to your top half, throwing on a classic denim jacket on over chambray.

And for the more adventurous among you, borrow a page from the top menswear designers and rock a tailored blazer or fitted denim vest with denim-on-denim. Denim squared is a statement for sure, but one that can look effortlessly cool when done right—just remember to keep everything more fitted, and you’ll do just fine.

Silver Jeans Co. Denim Tuxedo



Girls, you’re in luck. You’ve got so many options for denim, thanks to skirts, shorts, shortalls and chambray dresses. But the wrong combo will put you squarely in dated ’80s or ’90s turf—and not in a cool Taylor Swift 1989 sort of way. Just like I told the guys, the golden rule of denim-on-denim is pairing distinct washes. The combination’s up to you, but usually darker washes on the bottom will be slimming with lighter shirts or jackets on top. Mix it up with greys, blacks and non-blues.

When you’re creating looks, remember this word: balance. Put skinny with baggy, feminine with masculine, fitted with unstructured. And you can never go wrong with a form-fitting look from head to toe, paired with pop-color or leopard-print heels—it’s feminine with a side of fierce.

Which brings me to my next point… accessorize! Even same-blues look chic with the right extras, so break up blocks of denim with handbags, jewelry, sunglasses and hats. Even understated neutral pieces work wonders, like a basic white tee or cognac-colored bag. Or, go upscale in a simple black blazer with a textured clutch. Don’t be afraid to experiment—you might discover you really love the blues.

So now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Go forth and spread the denim-on-denim love. Which double denim look are you going to rock this season? Tell me about it below. You just may inspire someone to do the same!

Silver Jeans Co. Denim Tuxedo


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