Valentines Crafts & Cocktails! Our Easy Party Planning Guide

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we’re gearing up by hosting a cute and casual “Crafts & Cocktails” girls’ get together this weekend. Great way to gather your girlfriends, slip into some comfy jeans and catch up while making some denim DIY crafts and cocktails!

This week I wanted to share with you some party planning secrets plus an adorable denim DIY V-Day craft + cocktail to inspire your own February 14th love fest!


First up,  Event Basics!

The key to perfect party planning is outlining six vital details:

·      Date

·      Budget

·      Guests (great chance to invite co-workers and new friends)

·      Location (your house or a friends, a low-key location makes the party)

·      Event type ( Crafts + Cocktails for the win!)

·      Entertainment (hello Beyonce playlist!)

2. Date

The earlier you can inform your guests of your planned party date the better. If you’re choosing a big day like February 14th, you might want to talk to your girlfriends to see who’s available, and what time of day works best (morning, afternoon, evening). For our event, we’re choosing a late afternoon to get the party started!

3. Budget

A defined budget will help you enjoy your event and avoid overspending.

Start with your expected number of guests and then itemize food, drinks, and entertainment (craft supplies or gift if you’re giving one) per person. Include other miscellaneous costs such as location or decorations. I love the idea of  denim DIY stations for crafts, it helps mix the crowd and stir conversation! Have your girlfriends bring over their old jeans to repurpose from some Valentines day card fun!

4. Guests

Whether you’re inviting your life-long friends, your new co-workers, or a mix of both, your budget will determine just how many ladies you can entertain. A headcount early on will help eliminate any last minute stress.

5. Location & Set Up

Whether you’re hosting at home or renting a space, the questions I like to ask the same questions:

·      Can the space host your guests comfortably?

·      Will there be table space for the craft or will I need to rent tables?

·      Is there room to serve food/drinks or offer buffet style?

6. Event type

This Valentine’s Day “Craft & Cocktails” party is meant to be simple, fun and budget friendly! Get your friends involved, ask them to bring their most-loved Valentine’s Day dessert, appetizer, or drink to share—you might get a more eclectic menu!

7. Entertainment

In addition to having a fun on-theme activity (like a game or craft) a well-planned playlist can set the mood. I’ll share an ideal Valentine’s Day party playlist along with a super cute and easy project to create the perfect event-day entertainment at just the right price later this week!

8. The Big Day

If you’ve answered all the questions above, then you’re on your way to an awesome event! Keep an eye out for our next two posts to complete your “Craft & Cocktails” themed Valentine’s Day party!


Photo credit: A Subtle Revelry


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