We’re Speaking Out: A Letter from Michael

Dear Family of Friends,

I’m reaching out today, on behalf of myself and Silver Jeans Co., to say simply: enough is enough. The racial injustice that we’ve witnessed, both recently and throughout time, has to end. We always have and always will stand for equality and diversity within our company, our community and the world. 

But it’s not really about we right now. It’s about me. Each one of us, as individuals, must wholeheartedly do our part to be better. To speak out, to raise awareness, to learn and to listen, in order to propel us towards real change. And that doesn’t just mean today. More importantly it means tomorrow, next week, next year –  when the events of the past few days are no longer making headlines. 

Each of us is solely responsible for making a change within ourselves, to take action and fight until we live in a world that is truly equal. I’ve realized that personally, up until now, I haven’t contributed enough to this fight – not standing up when I should have and failing to educate myself on the steps I can take to help put an end to inequality. That stops today. I pledge to do better, and I hope you’ll do the same. Because once each of us does that individually, together, we can make a real difference.


Michael Silver

CEO, Silver Jeans Co.

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