A Suki Story

There’s a reason Suki is our number one fan favorite. It’s slimming. It’s sexy. And it handles curves like a champ.
The inspiration for Suki began in a land far away, when our Creative Director Allan Kemp was traveling through Asia (which also happens to be the home of the most innovative selvedge denim on the planet, just FYI). He fell madly in love with Japanese culture—its structure, heritage and timeless beauty—all the things that make our Suki jeans a perfect ten.

Suki loves curves. If you’ve got a well-defined curve from hip to thigh, Suki’s made for you. It’s designed to hug those curves in all the right places, but leave some breathing room for comfort—and still not gap in the back (thanks, contoured waistband). In other words, it’ll make you look and feel good.
But Suki’s about more than fit. True style is in the details. From handsanding and whiskering to our signature pockets (hand placed on each jean to sit just right), Suki is a thing of denim beauty. And with new washes (and pockets!) being introduced every season, Suki is always on trend.

That’s why we love Suki. But why do you love Suki? Share your Suki Story, and you may be one of the lucky ladies featured on this very blog! (As bragging rights go, that’s pretty darn cool.)

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