70’s Southern Rock Look

When you know you’re awesome, you don’t have to prove it to anyone. You wear exactly what you please and don’t apologize for it.

The 70’s Southern Rock look is coming back strong, and it’s easy to see why. Mixing boots and cowboy hats with faded denim seems like an obvious combo now, but almost 50 years ago it was practically heresy, just like combining good ol’ rhythm and blues with that newfangled rock music.

But there’s a reason people are still requesting “Freebird” at every concert they go to—that renegade spirit that southern rockers embodied appeals to the rebel in us all. These were the dudes who spurned both disco and radio-friendly rock n’ roll. They showed off their custom belt buckle. They were never seen without a bandanna and a least a few leather accessories. And they sure as hell didn’t care if you liked it or not.

Silver Jeans Co.

 (clockwise from top) Silver Jeans Co. t-shirt, blue bandana, Silver Jeans Co. Zac style jeans, belt buckle, shoes, guitar, ring, glasses, hat.

When you get that pair of aviators that go perfect with your burly beard and favorite faded tee, you can feel it resonate in your bones like the twang of a steel guitar riff. You don’t have to look for guidance from a fashion mag, because you’ve got steel in your eye and a burning passion in your bones. The world bends to your uncompromising will, and that’s why we have bootcut jeans and not jean-cut boots.

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