7 Ways to Keep the Kids Having Fun This Summer

With kids’ camps cancelled and many of the usual activities limited, this summer might look a little different for us all. Especially for those still working from home, parents might be searching for ways to keep their little ones busy or enjoy some quality family time. So we asked our Team Silver moms to share some of their no-fail family and kid-approved activities that you could plan too on workdays, weekends and beyond.

1. Beach Day

After a hectic week at home working and wrangling the kids, you’ll probably be ready for a little fresh air and R&R. Pack up the family and head to the closest beach for a day filled sand castles, waves and the ocean breeze. You might even have a moment to start that book you’ve been wanting to…

2. Sidewalk Chalk Art

This is a great activity to keep the kids occupied while you’re working from home! Take your laptop out to the porch and encourage the kids to draw or create a fun obstacle course! It’ll keep them busy and allow you all to get a little sun.

3. Backyard Water Play

Turn on the sprinklers, grab the kiddie pool and get ready for a fun family day outdoors! This is a great activity to get everyone out in the sun and keep cool on those hot summer days.

4. Coloring

This one might be obvious, but a good coloring or activity book never fails to keep the kiddos happy! We love getting a few different ones to switch it up throughout the week while we’re on Zoom calls or trying to meet tight deadlines.

5. Legos

Legos have been a great activity to keep the kiddos busy during quarantine, so much so that we’re going to stock up for summer! Get a set featuring their favorite movie characters and they’ll be playing for hours on end.

6. Gardening

Start a garden in your own backyard with the help of the little ones! They’ll not only get some time outdoors, but it’s a great learning experience for them as well.

7. Summer Reading

No matter what age they are, reading is always a great activity for kids! Whether it’s story time every night before bed, or a summer reading competition for the older ones, a book a day is a great way to keep their minds sharp until school starts up again!

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