So, you love denim. Congratulations. (I love sarcasm.) The question is, do you really know how to wear it? Go on, tell us the truth. More importantly, tell yourself the truth. Even if you think you’ve got it down, check out these five little reminders for doing it really, really right.

1. Denim is not one size fits all.

Most guys buy denim in one size fits all: comfortable. Makes sense, right? Wrong. What feels good on you today is going to stretch out about a half size tomorrow. And that’s no kind of deal. When you’re a-huntin’ denim, shoot for something on the tighter side that still feels good. Don’t go “guess I didn’t really need to use that button” tight. It’s more of an “I anticipate stretch like a freakin’ denim ninja” tight. Capeesh?

2. Non-blue favors the bold.

Get out of your tried-and-true blue comfort zone. It’s almost summer, so white jeans are a great choice—as long as the fit is more on the snug side (otherwise they’ll make you look bigger than you are) and they’re paired with really simple staples, like chambray shirts and suede desert boots. If you just can’t bring yourself to rock the white, try something sand-colored instead (like our Zac jeans in summer-ready khaki).


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3. Lighten up, guys.

Summer jeans are different from regular jeans. They just are. For some of you, this may be news. Generally, denim falls in the 11 to 13 oz. category. But for hot weather, seek out summer-cool jeans that weigh 9 to 11 oz. They’re gonna feel lighter and breathe better—so you can do more without resorting to Lieutenant Dangle short shorts.


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4. A shirt is never just a shirt.

When it comes to looking great in denim, any old shirt will not do. Length is everything, amigos. Too short and you’re dangerously close to Taylor Swift territory. Too long and you hide everything that’s great about those jeans. The perfect middle ground? Something that falls between the top and middle of your back pocket. And when in doubt, just tuck it.


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5. Cuff wisely, my friends.

A cool cuff can up the style quotient on almost any pair of jeans (except bootcut styles, just let those be). Which cuff’s for you? The single is timeless; fold up from the bottom about 1 ½ inches and give it a little crease. The double keeps it casual; fold up about an inch, then go for an extra roll. The triple goes full islander; roll a half-inch cuff, then double it twice and leave it messy for that effortless look.

Did I tell you anything you didn’t know? Got a good one to share? Talk to me, Goose.


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