Denim’s kind of our thing. So is trivia. So we’re combining the two to bring you a few of our favorite fun facts.

  1. The word denim comes from serge de Nimes, or the fabric of Nimes, France. The word jean comes from the kind of light blue fabric sailors wore in Genoa, Italy (which, en francais, was Gênes).
  2. Jeans were originally called waist overalls. Yup, even if they didn’t have straps. As in, “Nice waist overalls you got there, Grizzly.”
  3. If you were buying jeans when they were first introduced, you had only two options: indigo blue and brown cotton “duck.” These were the choices because they both hid dirt well. Whaddya think? Should we bring back “duck” jeans? (Kidding.)
  4. Levi Strauss & Co. invented jeans in 1873. They also were the first to add a label to a garment—a signature red flag sewn next to the back pocket. And the first to invent jeans made exclusively for women, in 1934.
  5. The term “Canadian tuxedo” was actually originated by an American. Mega crooner Bing Crosby was turned away from a Canadian hotel in 1951 for wearing an all-denim ensem. He later had a custom denim tuxedo made so this kind of thing wouldn’t happen again. And a style was born. (See: our Canadian tuxedo tutorial)

Did you learn something new? You know, cause knowledge is power.


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