5 At-Home Date Ideas (& the Perfect Jeans to Wear for Each)

With the Safer-at-Home order still in effect for many of us, we’re spending more and more time inside with our loved ones. However, if you’re like us, you might be running out of things to do at this point. While binging every Netflix original series was fun at first, after a while, you’ve probably found yourself craving a switch-up. And it doesn’t just stop there. Not only are we ready for some excitement when it comes to activities, but we’re also looking for any excuse to change out of our sweats and into something that makes us feel like an actual functioning adult again. So we rounded up 5 date night ideas that you can do from home, to not only bring some fun back into your relationships but to give you a reason to wear your favorite jeans again.

1. Have a Picnic

Grab your significant other, your favorite take out or home-cooked meal, and plan a picnic! Whether it’s on your balcony, in your backyard or on your rooftop a la one of our favorite bloggers @stephanie_danielle, it’s the perfect way to get outside and spend some quality time together.

The perfect jeans?

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2. Star Gaze After Dark

With less pollution in the air these days, the stars are out in all of their natural glory. Head out to your backyard, or even driveway, with a blanket after dark and cozy up, gazing up at the stars with your significant other.

The perfect jeans?

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3. Watch a Concert in the Living Room

With everyone stuck at home, our favorite celebrities and musicians are getting creative, streaming live concerts from their own houses for all of us to enjoy. Hop on YouTube to catch a live performance, or watch an old tour documentary from your favorite brand to bring you back to the good old days.

The perfect jeans?

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4. Do a DIY Wine & Paint Night

This is such a great date-night idea as-is, so why not try to recreate it at home? Order some canvases and watercolor paints from Amazon, grab a bottle of your favorite wine and let your artistic side loose! You can even follow a painting tutorial on YouTube if you really want to get competitive.

The perfect jeans?

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5. Hold a Cooking Competition

Speaking of competitive—cooking has obviously become a huge part of our new normal. And if you’re anything like us, you’re probably tired of spending SO MUCH time in the kitchen. But if you’re looking for a way to spice it up, host a cooking competition between you and your significant other, cooking the same recipe side by side and seeing which one turns out the best. The winner gets to sit out clean-up!

The perfect jeans?

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