New Year’s resolutions. We all make them, then forget them by February. But what if this year, instead of resolutions, you made actual lifestyle changes—improvements that would really better your mind, body and soul. Now that’s something worth sticking to. Here three easy ways to make this year your best year yet!

Health is important—we all know that. Though sometimes, our hectic schedules take over, and it can become the least of our concerns. Use the New Year as an excuse to make your health a focus. You can start by simply drinking more water—8 glasses a day should be your goal. This is something that’s easy to do, no matter how busy your schedule may be. Getting more sleep is also an easy and totally relaxing way to increase your overall health and boost your immune system.

Probably one of the hardest resolutions to follow through with is fitness. Working out regularly doesn’t come easy to everyone. However, starting with just a few easy fitness goals can help lead you in the right direction. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or take a short walk every day, whether it’s in your neighborhood or around the office during your lunch break. These small strides can really go a long way. You’ll notice the way you feel afterwards, and it’ll encourage you to keep going and maybe venture into something a bit more rigorous.

Last but not least, happiness is key to living your best life. Start by weeding out any negativity, whether it’s people, work or social obligations you just can’t stand. Life is too short to spend your time doing things that don’t make you happy. Happiness has also been shown to increase when you help others, so try volunteering on the weekends at a local nursing home, animal shelter or somewhere else that interests you.


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