10 Tips To Make 2015 Memorable

New year time for some new excitement! Don’t just settle for the same old boring (and unachievable) resolutions this time around, try a few of these really bold moves to make this year memorable.

  1. At a restaurant, let the waiter pick your entire meal.

Challenge yourself outside of your regular go-to meal. Who’s better to pick the best meal than your waiter!

  1. Write and send a hand-written letter.

Not sure where to start? We’ll help you write a perfectly polite thank you card.

  1. Give a sincere compliment to three people a day.

You know how good it feels to get an unsolicited compliment, so give that warm and fuzzy feeling away!

  1. Dance in the moonlight.

Because we know deep down you’re a dancing queen!

  1. For one day make all decisions by the flip of a coin.

Yes or no? Keep it simple and see where fate takes you!

  1. Write down your regrets and let them go by burning, flushing, or burying them.

You won’t believe how freeing this is! It might become an annual tradition.

  1. Host a dinner or party with a silly theme.

If you’re not the dress up type, give your meals a theme like “only square foods” or “bring something that rhymes with cactus” and see what your guests come up with!

  1. Learn to say hello in 26 languages.

You’ll be ready for next year’s resolution…travel to new countries!

  1. Check out a concert for a band or singer you’ve never heard of.

You don’t have to go big, start by finding a local free concert.

       10. Do something that completely terrifies you.

Whether you’re afraid of heights, going to the dentist, or public speaking, face your fear and you’ll be better for it.

Share your adventures with us, we want to know how you did! #sjcadventures

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